Like to get more involved? Work with a passionate and driven team who are committed to bringing CCA’s vision to life.

CCANZ’s volunteers are a self-driven bunch of dreamers and do-ers spread across Australia and New Zealand who share a strong belief in what CCANZ is about. We operate according to the plans and goals that have been set out in the 2020 Strategy. Meet the team here.

How do we work?

Our volunteers dedicate their time and skills in accordance with their nominated capacity and commitment. Volunteers decide up front how they wish to contribute to the team and report on progress to whom they are accountable to — this may be the rest of the team, their area director/team leader and/or the governance team. Depending on the role, they may work more independently or in collaboration with other team members to deliver on their goals. Our team is based all across Australia (and more recently New Zealand), so we utilise a combination of emails and an online platform (Basecamp) to collaborate and self-organise.

Why volunteer?

In addition to supporting a worthwhile cause, you also get to:

  • Apply your skills and make an impact. Help bring Conscious Capitalism principles to life, support businesses and practitioners on their conscious business journeys, and contribute to elevating humanity
  • Meet and work with a passionate team for an inspiring cause
  • Develop professional skills and leadership
  • Volunteers also receive some offers and opportunities from partners for workshops and events

Who are we seeking?

CCANZ volunteers are firstly passionate about Conscious Capitalism and share a larger, longer term vision so help grow the conscious business community.  You desire to actively nurture a TACTILE culture, i.e. Trust, Accountability, Caring, Transparency, Integrity, Loyalty and Egalitarianism, and preferably are already a CCANZ member, who can represent the organisation and Conscious Capitalism practices authentically.

Some roles, such as those on the executive committee, involve more time and responsibility, and others are more fixed-term (eg. involving a project such as piece of research, implementing a process or training our team) or casual (eg. volunteering at events). Whatever that might be, you are confident you will be able to reliably put in the time required for the responsibility or tasks once you have committed to them.

Roles on the executive committee ideally require a commitment of at least one year and preferably two. You will also be willing and able to maintain regular ongoing communications using various forms of technology (we work virtually, so you will need to collaborate via email, phone, skype and on Basecamp).

As we are a community driven by members, for members, personal leadership and self-management is a defining factor in how well our we serve our members and the larger community. If you are reliable, ambitious, proactive, self-driven and take initiative, then we’re a good fit!

How can you support?

Keen to get involved? Check out the roles available and what’s involved. Some roles and responsibilities can be tailored according to your capabilities and capacities, so drop us a line to discuss.

Roles & Responsibilities


REGIONAL LEADERS – Across Australia & New Zealand

Bring CCANZ to your local community and grow the movement. CCANZ currently has chapters in New South Wales, Victoria and WA. We are looking for leaders who will activate and engage their local business community to raise awareness, increase participation and practice of conscious capitalism principles.


If you are in other local areas and would like to activate your local community, drop us a line.

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Join the Partnerships Team. Under this team, you work with Victoria Plaksin (Partnerships Director) and other team members to:

  • Help document partnership agreements
  • Help coordinate and deliver on ongoing partner relationships
  • Approximately 2-4 hours per week
  • We are seeking 2-3 people to share the responsibilities


  • Strategic Partnership Manager(s)
  • Partnership Experience Manager(s)


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Join the Events Team members and work collaboratively to:

  • Help shape annual schedule of events to deliver to CCA’s purpose & establish measurable goals
  • Work with Marketing Team to create key messages, collateral and content to support marketing and delivery of events
  • Brainstorm content and collate list of potential speakers
  • Manage [email protected]
  • Manage event coordination, processes, back end systems & financial management (via liaising with our Financial Controller)



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Join the Marketing team and work with Mezzanine (Brand Direction, website and email platforms), Zara Choy (Head of Marketing) and other team members to:

  • Design and copy-write marketing collateral
  • Create and execute/direct Social Media strategy
  • Create and execute/direct Digital Engagement strategy
  • Create and execute content strategy
  • Generate awareness and publicity for CCANZ via PR and Advertising (National)
  • Magazine – Content Strategy, Editorial Producer (National)



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Community Engagement comprises Members Engagement and Volunteers Engagement. Join this team to help:

  • Create an automated on-boarding process for members and volunteers
  • Lead proactive relationships across all CCANZ online and offline platforms with member and volunteers
  • Conduct regular surveys for both volunteers + members to ascertain what matters most and use the survey results into value proposition initiatives to assist other CCANZ teams, in particular Events, Marketing and Governance.
  • Manage [email protected]
  • Work very closely with Governance team to confirm roles and responsibilities of volunteers and expectations of volunteers, leaders, the board, and CCA members, as well as on impact measurement initiatives


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Operations team members work with Tim Huggins (Head of IT & Operations) and rest of the operations team members to ensure smooth operations of CCANZ.

To do well in this role, you need to be resourceful with a can-do attitude, possess a proactive approach to problem solving with an ability to respond to issues quickly to either solve them or alert someone who can. The nature of these two teams are to support the operations of CCANZ as a whole, so you will find that job descriptions are dynamic in nature. Bonus points if you are proficient with technology!




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Governance team members work with Geoff Manchester (Head of Governance, Finance & Capital Raising) and the rest of the governance team across all areas of governance, including but not limited to, strategy execution, formulating policies, setting up processes and procedures and strengthening internal control systems.


  • Governance (Western Australia)
  • Other roles supporting national governance available depending on your skills – drop us a line to express interest.

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Keen to join us?

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For any questions, drop us a line at [email protected].

For Western Australia roles, please contact [email protected].