Regional Leader

What you’ll do

Regional Leaders take responsibility for:

  • Supporting and executing the CCANZ current strategy at the regional level
  • Building and coordinating their local team to achieve outcomes and goals
  • Events and activities centered around community engagement to:
    • Achieve the goals of creating an engaged and happy community of members and support growth of membership
    • Identify opportunities for collaborations, volunteers and partners
  • Touching base with:
    • the CCANZ team regularly to share progress and address challenges
    • Governance to ensure we are on track to achieve our impact goals
    • Marketing team for promotional activities


What you bring to the table

We shall be upfront: this is a big, big role. It would suit those who are extremely driven, organised and probably have flexible working hours. You will need to be able to commit to this position for a minimum of one year.

  • You are a member of CCANZ and passionate about seeing the organisation and community grow, influence and impact wider business circles and society
  • You are resourceful, able to tap into local networks and inspire others so come on board and support you in engaging your local community
  • You are able to inspire and lead a team to carry out the CCANZ strategy at your local level

We are looking for people across Australia & New Zealand to play this role, particularly NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia. If this sounds like a worthwhile endeavor, express your interest here.

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