Content Curator (National)

What you’ll do

Work with the Content Curation Team Leader to:

  • Source, review, capture and share appropriate digital content with the wider Conscious Capitalism community. Sharing of Member and Partner content will be encouraged, and content from other sources is also welcome
  • Liaise with other Conscious Capitalism team and community to monitor and improve usefulness of material
  • Work in collaboration with Marketing team to solidify content strategy and with local community teams to coordinate execution. May also work with an assistant to support with rolling out content schedule.
  • Help determine standards & guidelines for what makes quality content, and how to present it well
  • Manage guest blog on CCANZ site:
    • Identify guest bloggers; approach to invite to guest blog; agree topics
    • Ensure guest blogs cover a good thought-provoking range of topics
    • Review and edit guest blogger posts
  • Manage Resources section of CCANZ website
    • Source and review content from CCANZ members and global thought leaders, that aligns with CC tenets
    • Podcasts, books, blogs, vlogs, research, infographics, webinars
    • Work with content providers to upload to CCANZ site and monitor content on the site.
  • Promoting and Amplifying content
  • Provide summary description of content for promotion purposes –newsletter, social channels, resources site online

What you bring to the table

  • Must be (or become) very familiar with Conscious Capitalism concepts to ensure selected content is consistent, interesting, useful and aligns with CCANZ objectives
  • You are familiar and active on Social Media Platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or at least willingness and ability to learn
  • Would ideally have experience in WordPress and ActiveCampaign, or at least willingness and ability to learn
  • You are able to devote approximately 2-4 hours per week
  • Work can be done at any time of day, coordinating with other relevant team members
  • You can be located anywhere with a good internet connection

This role may be shared by 1 or 2 people. If you’d like to contribute in this way express your interest here.

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