Community Engagement (National and/or Local)

What you’ll do

Be a part of the community engagement team and help us realise our goals to engage our current members, increase our membership volume and unlock related revenue streams. There are two parts of Community Engagement: Member and Volunteer Engagements. As a starting point, here are the things that we’d like to achieve in the coming year:

  • Capture member data at the point of sign-up which can be used to support continuous improvement
  • Engage volunteers as a best practice model
  • Attract targeted partnerships in later phases through informed member data captured
  • Proactively support a culture of transparency, collaboration, inclusivity and accountability amongst this member for member model


What you bring to the table

  • You are a member of CCANZ and passionate about growing the organisation, including expanding our sphere of influence
  • You are a people person, have an understanding of human need for connection, especially across an online platform
  • You are proactive, a team player, able to lead when necessary, committed and responsible

We are looking for a few people to join our team at the National and local levels. If you’d like to be a part of this team, express your interest here.

Express Interest Here