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Understand your authentic brand and how to harness it for connection + impact

Cultural changes worldwide mean that past conventions of brand building have shifted. An outside-in approach to branding and marketing no longer works. Self-awareness, and a more conscious and authentic approach to branding from the inside-out,is now critical for businesses who want establish connection and make a real impact. We call this conscious branding, and this workshop is the first step in becoming aware, awake and intentional towards your purpose.

Purpose-driven business is about leveraging your purpose to visualise and create the future you want, rather than assessing the external environment to identify a way for you to win. It’s a completely different mindset that requires a different approach.

Uncover and learn about the deeper values and purpose of your business using our specialised Uncover Tool + other activities designed to dive deep into your brand and unique value. Lift the hood on your authentic brand and discover the emotional benefit you provide in order to start driving your brand forward.

Who should attend?

Business owners and leaders who are responsible for guiding company purpose, vision and culture. If you need clarity on your purpose or ‘why’, want to drive change, or are unsure how you can add value and authentically serve your customer + community beyond a function, this workshop will provide you with the understanding and tools to dive in. This workshop is best suited and most valuable to businesses who have employees. Read about a CEO who needed brand clarity in order to drive change in his industry.

What is involved?

Workshops are intimate and focussed solely on your business to ensure proper understanding and a personal approach. Up to 4 people from your business are welcome to attend. Workshops are 3hrs and available Wed-Fri 9.30am-12.30pm at Innx.hub in Newcastle, or we can come to you for an additional fee. Book online and use member code CCANZ to receive your member benefit.

What are the outcomes?

  • Leave with more clarity on your purpose + values
  • Discover your unique archetype and what this means for your business
  • Receive an Archetype Guide, providing direction on your brand, your customer and your business
  • Outcomes + recommendations report from our brand strategy and communications team
  • Connect with a community of like-minded, purpose-driven professionals

What will you learn?

  • How to harness the power of purpose to grow your business
  • How to develop a strategic + authentic brand
  • How company values contribute towards your purpose
  • How to use archetypal branding to build trust
  • Empathic strategies for understanding and serving your customer

“As leaders of Rethink we hold such strong values, beliefs and dreams for the business and everyone it touches. To be able to fully translate our vision to our internal Rethink family and the greater world, we needed a way to distil our vision and make it digestible and understandable. The Mezzanine discovery process and experience has provided us with the tools to communicate and share the Rethink vision so all stakeholders can now live and breathe it.”

Jessica Shuwalow, Business Development and Marketing Manager

The Offer

$880 – for CC-ANZ Members
Prices include GST.
Additional $550 inc GST to cover travel if outside of Newcastle, NSW.
Workshops are limited to only 1 workshop per month at this price for CCANZ members, first in, first served basis.
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