Apart from our own events, CCANZ amplifies the movement of businesses building a better world by supporting and promoting other aligned events in our regional ecosystem that support business leaders and practitioners on their conscious business journey. These may take various forms — workshops, forums, webinars, meetups, conferences, summits, perhaps even something else.

Event curation is subject to the discretion of the CCANZ committee. Selection for listing is based on fulfillment of as many of these criteria as possible:

  • Aligns clearly and directly with Conscious Capitalism vision, ethos and tenets – Higher Purpose, Conscious Leadership, Conscious Culture and Stakeholder Orientation – and shares the same aspirations to elevate humanity through business
  • Is relevant to business or business practitioners and one or more of the four tenets
  • Helps CCANZ deliver on its value streams — to Inspire, Enable and Connect conscious businesses
  • Helps the business community on their journey to adopting or deepening practice, or advocating for conscious business
  • Lends valuable knowledge, insight or perspective in the conscious business arena
  • Is an established thought leader or practitioner in the field
  • Is credible and ideally evidence-based
  • Aligns with the ethos and reputation of the Conscious Capitalism brand globally

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