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Ethical Procurement For Social Good

Are you looking for ways to align your company with social good?
Do you want your employees to feel proud to work with you?
How about your audiences? When’s the last time you had good news to share about your impact in the world?

Corporate Spend takes the hard work out of ethical procurement. We consult with you so that you can make wise procurement decisions with brands that deliver serious value to People, Planet and the Environment. It’s a Win Win Win.

Who Gives A Crap?
We Do. And you can too.

This Aussie toilet paper and tissues invests 51% of profit to building toilets in developing countries.

You Buy, Yoobi Gives

Join Pharrell Williams and Usher

Now one pen is as good as two. Yoobi’s desk, study and office essentials are forest friendly and ethically sourced. For each product you buy, Yoobi gives one to kids.

In 2016, Yoobi directly impacted over 24,000 Aussie kids in need.

What’s not to love about these brands?

We don’t compromise on quality or price. We can guide you on ethical spend on all your favourite brands at wholesale prices. Available online and backed up by good old fashioned service.

Support our Farmers with our Fruit and Veg Boxes (Sydney)

Feshly picked and to your door in 48 hours. And, our farmers are paid up to 100% more. Now that’s nice.

Plus 10% of your spend can be donated to the charity of your choice eg Conscious Capitalism.

Want to go green?

We have over 400 environmentally friendly products. That’s good news for the planet.


How Do We Do it?

Corporate Spends’ supply chain is accredited through a comprehensive greenbiz checking process so that we can assure you of the highest supply chain standards and ethical sourcing.


Conscious Bonus: We love Conscious Capitalism Australia so much, 2.5% of your transactions through Corporate Spend goes to supporting CCA’s mission.



Register here and we will come in and talk to your people and make it all happen.

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About Corporate Spend


Justin Pagotto

Chief Ethical Officer, Corporate Spend
Justin is a social entrepreneur passionate about community transformation and the pressing need for charities to transition to sustainable fundraising models. Traditional donor based charity fundraising is becoming increasingly difficult-with tens of thousands of charities competing for less than 1% of Australia’s GDP.

The idea for Corporate Spend was born during an entrepreneurial exchange to South Africa – What if companies could support charity through their everyday spending on goods and services?

As Chief Ethical Officer, Justin creates collaborative ethical procurement partnerships by connecting business owners, schools and corporates to high quality, vetted suppliers.  These suppliers pay Corporate Spend a share of the revenue stream for the life of the client thereby solving the fundraising problem and creating ongoing sustainable revenue for social good.

Justin has 13 years experience in running entrepreneurial businesses, with a background in equipment finance, business insurance and financial advisory. One of these businesses based in the Phillipines provides retail employment opportunities to young graduates so they can stay in their local province.
In 2010, Justin received the Australia Day Medal from Randwick Council in recognition of his services to the community.