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CCANZ maintains a Learning Library of resources that will enrich and support the business community on their Conscious Capitalism journey. These may be books, blogs, articles, case studies, podcasts, tools or perhaps even something else. Is there something you would like to contribute?

Content selection is based on fulfillment of as many of these criteria as possible:

  • Aligns clearly and directly with Conscious Capitalism vision, ethos and tenets – Higher Purpose, Conscious Leadership, Conscious Culture and Stakeholder Orientation – and shares the same aspirations to elevate humanity through business
  • Is relevant to business or business practitioners and one or more of the four tenets
  • Helps CCANZ deliver on its value streams — to Inspire, Enable and Connect conscious businesses
  • Helps the business community on their journey to adopting or deepening practice, or advocating for conscious business
  • Lends valuable knowledge, insight or perspective in the conscious business arena
  • Is an established thought leader or practitioner in the field
  • Is credible and ideally evidence-based
  • Aligns with the ethos and reputation of the Conscious Capitalism brand globally

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