We’re proud to present some hand-picked learning programs that will help you along the road for your Conscious Capitalism journey.

We will aim to add to these resources over time to offer you a deeper dive into each of the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism – Purpose, Leadership, Culture and managing all Stakeholders successfully. The sale of each of these learning products will help support the Conscious Capitalism movement. Please support us as you grow.

Carolyn Tate, founding member of Conscious Capitalism Australia and author of The Purpose Project believes that you don’t need to quit your job and start your own business to find meaning and purpose. She believes it’s entirely possible to find purpose starting right where you are, no matter where you work. She knows firsthand, after 20 years in the corporate world and 18 years in her own business, that the grass is not greener on either side of the ‘employed’ or ‘self-employed; fence and that it’s best to water the grass right under your own feet first.

Carolyn has launched the The Purpose Project Online Course. It’s a 7-step, 7-lesson course designed to get you started on your purpose now, no matter where you work. We’re excited to share her course with you. Let us know how you go!

Why do you exist? What is your purpose? These are big, and often scary questions to ponder, particularly with regards to our work-life. Yet, we spend more than half our waking hours each day at work, so it makes sense to make it meaningful! As a daring and caring leader, you’re not only committed to exploring your own purpose but also to helping others explore theirs too. That’s why The Purpose Project Leader’s Pack has been created.

In the course, in 7 steps and 7 lessons, Carolyn Tate will show you how to follow her proven path to purpose. As a Purpose Leader, you’ll receive;

  1. 10 class-passes for your people (I call these people your Purpose Activators)
  2. A bonus class-pass for yourself
  3. A bonus ‘easy-to-follow’ Leader’s Guide to help you lead and coach your people.

Together you’ll explore your purpose, write a purpose statement and plan a purpose project!

Be sure to jump on over now and check it out. Let us know how you go!