Members Town Hall | 2020: A Turning Point for Capitalism?




“While it is a challenging time to be a leader, it is a time for us to show up with deep humanity, to expand with love and not contract with fear.” – Raj Sisodia, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman of Conscious Capitalism Inc
We invite you to gather in solidarity with Conscious Capitalists across Australia & NZ to ask how we can support each other, and to share reflections on the opportunities and responsibility at hand to accelerate the shift to a more Conscious Capitalism.

Let’s connect, reflect and make tangible what this looks like for us as conscious capitalists – whether you are a business owner, an employee, a customer, vendor, supplier or investor.

Social justice is only possible if we work together. And amidst the challenges of the global pandemic and racial injustice, seeing painful reminders of the failings of our current systems, we wonder… could this be a turning point for capitalism?
We do not have all the answers. And there is a long road ahead. But, we are committed to working together with you to live up to our shared vision for business as a force for good, as set forth in our Credo.


What does Conscious Capitalism in practice look like in a time like this – for us as individuals, for our businesses and the sectors we operate in? How do we lead consciously? How do we better care for ourselves, each other and our collective future? How can we play a part in accelerating the shift to a more Conscious Capitalism here in Australia & NZ? How do we move from shareholder primacy to stakeholder orientation. From short-term interests to long-term impact. From consumerism to care. From extraction to regeneration. And from margin to mainstream. 

Let’s gather to learn with and from each other. And to offer support and solidarity. There are many of us with stories to share, like Intrepid Travel’s call to leadership for the travel sector. And we’d love to hear from you all. It will also be an opportunity to meet and connect with other members all across Australia & NZ – lock-down does dissolve the borders!

The dialogue will be facilitated by Lina Mbirkou, of MACRO Leaders. It will be interactive, allowing you the chance to connect with other members in the process. The room will also stay open for 20 minutes after for those who wish to continue casual conversations and hangout.

Bonus 20mins after:
Hang around and chat with other members you’ve met. If participants prefer, we’ll have the option of conducting the additional 20 minutes after the main session as an Offers & Needs Market. If you haven’t experienced one before, it’s a great opportunity for you to express any needs and potentially have them met, and also offer to meet other’s needs – these can be either paid or gifted, whichever you choose. So do stay on!


Lina is familiar with fighting injustices, challenging stereotypes and speaking the languages that unite us all.

Born in Morocco, Lina obtained her Master of Commerce in France and landed in Australia 20 years ago to undertake an MBA.

As a director and lead coach and facilitator at MACRO Leaders, she empowers people to nurture meaningful relationships and navigate emerging futures. Her mission is to transform leaders, teams and organisations through deep dialogue and authentic processes, and uniquely designed coaching experiences such as Mindful Cooking.

A former Marketing and Communication executive and university lecturer, Lina’s journey with Conscious Capitalism began when she met Raj Sisodia at the very first Conscious Capitalism Summit in Australia in 2014. Those principles are still deeply embedded in her work. She is passionate about helping others navigate this age of accelerated change and complexity. Learn more about Lina and connect here


Wed, 24 June 2020
12.30-1.30pm AEST

+ 20mins casual hangout after (optional)

Virtual. Register to receive a link before the event.


For any enquiries, please contact [email protected].

Note: The session will be recorded so that members who cannot make it can still watch the dialogue. Reflections and synthesis will be shared with the wider conscious capitalism and business community as well as CCI, and integrated into further activities here in Australia & NZ.



New to Conscious Capitalism concepts or seeking a quick refresher? Click here for more information.


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