Members Session: Positive Impact — Creating the conditions for your teams and organisation to thrive


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This session will cover a framework that leaders can use to consciously lead their teams and stakeholders. It is intended as an introductory session that highlights a pathway to nurture achievement of valued, meaningful goals, sustainable growth and inclusiveness.

The framework is the Life Styles Inventory (LSI), a diagnostic based on research by Clay Lafferty on what makes leaders effective. It is a powerful tool that unpacks how we think and the impact that has on our response to what is presenting to us.

Human beings are wired to perceive threat in a micro-second. We also tend to hear “bad news” the loudest. This is mostly thanks to our evolved, sophisticated cognitive capacity. We also have the wisdom to choose how we think and therefore respond intentionally, in a way that is aligned to our intention.

This conscious reflection about our thinking can create pathways to achieve what we want in a way that fosters creative, achievement oriented thinking and is anchored in unconditional positive regard for self and others.

Participants will be taken through the framework, drawing from their stories to tease out various thinking styles and the impact of these on self and others.

Participants are welcome to book a complimentary discovery session at the end of the webinar to have a conversation about their context and explore potential ways to support their agenda.


Gauri MainiGauri Maini | LinkedIn
Gauri is a leadership development consultant and executive coach who uses an appreciative, strengths-based approach to help leaders and their teams thrive. She brings real world experience and professional expertise in building organisation and leadership capacity for sustainable, high performance in complex, challenging situations. Executives will find in her a thoughtful partner who will work with them and their teams to optimise how they work together so they can achieve what they set out to do.



Date & Time
28 June 2018
4:00 -5:00 PM AEST

Online — Zoom link will be sent out closer to date.

FREE for members
$15+GST for non-members

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