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Putting the Consciousness into Capitalism with Mindjoga™

Mindjoga™ is a series of transformational disciplines for the mind which unearths our innate human awareness (or consciousness) currently lost to humanity through societal conditioning. Successful conscious evolution of any business is dependent upon the personal conscious evolution of all stakeholders.

Stress at work, however it presents, is merely an indicator that personal and organisational evolution is needed. When individuals see their workplace start to talk about stress and evolve where it is concerned, they flourish.  Fear subsides and creativity increases.  The business flourishes.

Mindjoga™ works for the individual in 2 ways; bringing stress hormones into equilibrium – and re-calibrating our brainwave frequencies. Once the chemical state of our body is in equilibrium and we connect to the correct frequency we begin to awaken to who we really are. Our life purpose becomes clear and achieving it becomes effortless. Practising brings amazing joy, compassion and motivation to take action.

These disciplines help businesses become more conscious by elevating the humanitarian thinking of all stakeholders in a way that enables conscious leadership to be fully understood and accepted. This session discusses how Mindjoga™ helps small businesses to:

  • Crystalise their passion and higher purpose
  • Turn passion into action enabling conscious leadership
  • Bring all stakeholders into the awareness required to have them walk the same conscious path.

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Corinna McPhersonCorinna McPherson | LinkedIn

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life, Change Your World. Corinna is the founder of Mindjoga™, a series of transformational disciplines for the mind which take you from where you are now to where you want to be in life. Stress is a veil over consciousness limiting and inhibiting our conscious evolution.  And a little known fact is that controlling stress and eliminating anxiety is so simple it’s almost unbelievable!  Corinna’s corporate background is in Business Development in Education, culminating in a Country Manager role for Hewlett-Packard UK.  Her experience includes education around corporate change management and related stress conditions having working extensively with HearthMath.  More recently Corinna’s corporate experience has expanded to include fundraising within not for profit organisations.  Her passion now is to bring business together with conscious causes in a way which changes the world one community at a time.



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