Murdoch University Panel: Is Your Workplace Dysfunctional?


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“Is Your Workplace Dysfunctional?”

Please join Murdoch University’s MasterClass again to wrap up the year by exploring Conscious Culture, the fourth and final pillar of Conscious Capitalism.

Work should be meaningful and rewarding yet so many organisational cultures make life difficult for employees. Internal politics, conflicting priorities and damaging behaviour have the potential to create toxic work environments.

Today’s businesses have an unprecedented opportunity and incentive to become a force for good in the world, providing meaning and value for employees, customers and partners. In the final of four discussion events co-hosted by Murdoch University’s MasterClass and Conscious Capitalism we explore:

  • What’s involved in consciously co-creating a fulfilling work culture;
  • The relationship between culture and financial performance; and
  • How we can engage employees in the cultural change journey.

Doug, Keely and Clare will share their insights and experiences then we’ll open the floor for discussion.

As always please bring your questions, ideas, curiosity, and friends and colleagues to spread the word!

People love our events – here’s some of their feedback:

“Refreshingly frank and useful discussion”

“Amazing panel”

“Wonderful insights”

“I got inspiring answers to my questions”

“People amazing and beneficial”

“Engaging and warm”

“Conversations were deep and full of purpose”

“Good use of time – engaging and of real benefit”

“Helps create a new paradigm in business”

“Very thought provoking”

“Window to a new and compelling future”

“Incredibly relevant and needed”


Meet our Panelists…

Doug AberleDoug Aberle
Doug is a transformational leader who has 40 years’ experience in the intensely scrutinised environment of Western Australia’s largest electricity company, culminating in six years as Managing Director. Over this time he has honed and integrated his skills as an engineer, project manager, negotiator and coach.
In parallel he has developed a psychotherapy practice over 30 years and holds Clinical Registration with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia. He is a faculty member of Gestalt Associates Training Los Angeles.
Through his business, Marple Bridge Pty Ltd, Doug currently provides coaching, mentoring and consultancy services to senior business professionals. This includes facilitation of strategic planning and team building for CEOs and executive teams and coaching in the use of psychological principles to improve engagement. This in turn enhances leadership effectiveness and supports organisations to thrive.
To maintain his own sanity Doug enjoys jogging, gym, ocean swimming and SCUBA diving. He is married with two adult children.
Keely MaitlandKeely Maitland
Keely’s personal purpose is to help people create joy for everyone their organisation serves.  She is presently developing a business called Organic Organisations.  Organic Organisations will provide resources and a place for sharing, learning and growth to the growing number of people who believe organisations can be so much more than they typically are and are taking action to bring about this change.
Keely has dedicated her career to helping companies get better at doing what they do for their customers.  She has helped do this for local government, mining, construction, utilities, certification bodies and recruitment agencies.
Dr Clare AllenDr Clare Allen
Dr Clare Allen is the CEO of VisAbility LTD – Guide Dogs WA. Clare has more than 20 years of senior management experience, developing and implementing strategies with clear direction for organisations to increase effectiveness and promote growth. Clare is an experienced practitioner of the Australian Business Excellence Framework.
Clare has a Masters of Leadership and Management and a Doctor of Business Administration and other Human Resource qualifications and is accredited in a number of psychometric testing practices.
Clare has won numerous awards, and some of these include: Winner Enterprising Woman Award – Chamber of Commerce and Industries 2009, Winner WA IBM Community and Government Telstra Business Woman of the year 2007, Winner 2007 Organisational Excellence Services Industry Award, Winner 1999 Organisational Excellence Services Industry Awards, Two Local Government awards for Innovation 2001 and 2003.

Finger food generously provided by Murdoch University, a proud Partner of Conscious Capitalism. For questions, including dietary restrictions, contact [email protected]

Date & Time
Wednesday, 25 October 2017
5.15 – 7.30 PM

Room 460.2.031
Economics Commerce & Law Building
Murdoch University
90 South Street, Murdoch
(Grid Reference H4 in this map)


REGISTRATIONS CLOSE: COB Tuesday 24th October 2017

If you’re new to Conscious Capitalism or need a quick refresher, please review this page before you come so you’re ready to make the most of the event.



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