Want to connect, learn, share, grow and do business with other conscious business practitioners? Want to lead and shape the future of business and society?

Join this community of conscious business leaders, do-ers, enablers and supporters – and the opportunities this brings. Created by you, for you.

Conscious Capitalism members get the opportunity to host or participate in workshops, discussions, presentations, mentoring, panels and other knowledge sharing opportunities designed to support the various pillars of Conscious Capitalism.

As part of this community, you’ll meet a diverse bunch of people — CEOs, small business owners, employees and university students — all keen to drive conscious change. Together, we will look to unlock the ‘how’ behind conscious business practices, find opportunities to thrive and grow as conscious businesses, and to lead positive change through business.

CCANZ members are committed to implementing Conscious Capitalism in their own businesses and supporting other members as they do the same. In doing so, members become successful and shining examples, showing the wider business community how business can be a force for good, thriving while creating a better future for us all. We’re here to support you.

Members will enjoy:


  • Get Involved: The opportunity to give a talk, share articles online, participate in online discussion forums, attend member run events
  • Network: Build your profile and reach out to those you want to connect with
  • Do business together: Connect directly with other members to do business together.
  • Brand leadership: Be seen as a conscious business amongst a community of people who may be your customers or collaborators
  • Attract and retain talent: Be seen as a choice employer amongst a community of value-aligned individuals.


  • Find local members: Search for members near you and create local CCA communities
  • Create opportunities: Set-up a jobs noticeboard, marketplace, or other online community activities
  • Find a product or service: Search a members directory for members’ by industry, location, background, skills and contact details. Promote your business online.
  • Access discounts: Give and receive discounts to member products and services.
  • Referrals: Give and receive member referrals to other members or aligned organisations.


  • Peer to peer learning: Learn directly from each other via podcasts, articles, panel discussions and forum topics.
  • Thought leadership: Have a home to share your conscious business knowledge ad insights so that other conscious people can find you.


  • Take part in research: We’re enabling our 2000+ strong community of individuals to share their business insights for the wider public
  • The ripple effect: CCA’s reports and research data will be widely available for you to share with your colleagues, peers or clients

CCANZ is currently in Phase Zero while we are in the early stages of rolling out our new membership model. The benefits above will be phased in incrementally over time.

Calling all CCA
Early Adopters!

Here’s how this works
CCA Early Adopters claim their paid membership in advance, by signing up before Phase Zero ends.

What do I get as an Early Adopter?
Early Adopter memberships give CCA the head–start it needs, and CCA returns the equivalent amount of months in free membership back to you in Phase One. So, if you sign up as an early adopter three months before Phase Zero ends, you will get three months of free membership added on to your 12 months membership period. Apart from the Early Adopter special price (Individual Memberships will be $250 after Phase Zero), you will be part of a core group that bears the ‘CCA Early Adopter’ tag next to your name across all CCA platforms, and their own external platforms.

Current early adopters also enjoy:

  • Member exclusive offers from partners and special prices for events
  • Opportunities to offer and attend Member Sessions events FREE
  • Opportunities to volunteer and represent CCANZ at events, in return for free tickets
  • Access to a closed Facebook group

Become an Early Adopter now!


For professionals, solopreneurs, consultants, small business owners and free agents. Meet and connect with like-minded others, learn, share, network, collaborate, trade and gain exposure opportunities.

$180 / year (ex-GST) – $250 after Phase Zero ends

NB: If you are are signing up as part of a group, don’t forget to use your Group Activation Code here to unlock your individual membership benefits. (Activation Code may also be referred to as Coupon Code)

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For students. Meet and connect with like-minded others, learn, share, network, collaborate and find opportunities gain employment skills, experience and build your career.

$90 / year (ex-GST)

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Group Membership

For corporates and small-to-medium businesses. Create employee engagement, build leadership, empower employees to add value to your business, establish brand leadership and be known as an employer or supplier of choice.

< 5 People
$325 / year


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< 25 People
$1,000 / year


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Small business
< 100 People
$3,000 / year


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Medium business
< 200 People
$5,000 / year


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Large business
< 500 People
$7,500 / year


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Corporate enterprise
> 500 People

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