Offer a Member Session

Member Sessions are a supportive forum for you to bring your conscious business service into practice with like-minded people within our network as well as the wider business community.


They are offered by CCANZ members and are available to other members to attend for free, as well as to the wider business community for a fee. They are 1 hour, online sessions which can be anything from a webinar or workshop, to a discussion or forum.

Member Sessions are intended to showcase expertise available within our conscious business community. They allow members to learn from, with and about each other, encouraging peer to peer learning and seeding potential collaborations. They also show how our members are serving, leading, supporting and building Conscious Capitalism practices in service of the wider business community through their own business offerings.

As we begin, we will be running the sessions out as webinars, allowing us to make them as accessible as possible. Later, Member Sessions may also be offered as face to face events and in longer formats.

Here are some reasons why

  • Share your expertise or knowledge with other members and the wider business community, and help others grow the practice of Conscious Capitalism
  • Be exposed to our networks – enjoy promotion of your offering through our emails and social media
  • Generate leads for your business or personal brand
  • Align your brand with CCANZ
  • Contribute to the Conscious Capitalism movement

Criteria for assessment

Events will be supported that:

  • Align with CCANZ’s overall mission and strategy
  • Support and align with Conscious Capitalism principles and tenets
  • Demonstrate tangible conscious business benefits for attendees such as insights, information, skill development or other takeaways (not just a promotional pitch)

Where to begin

Talk to us if you need assistance and to gain further information

What else?

Branding & Credits
Sessions will be branded and represented as a CCANZ event.
Credit, exposure and promotion will be given to you as the Presenter in all event marketing and promotional material.

CCANZ will promote the event to its subscriber database and, in consultation with you, will develop a promotional strategy to reach a wider target audience.

You may recommend an appropriate price for your target audience however ticket prices will be set by CCANZ. The sessions will be free for CCANZ members. It will also be open and promoted to non CCANZ Members for a fee.

Costs and Revenue
Costs of webinar hosting will be covered by CCANZ.
CCANZ will collect and retain all revenue from ticket sales.

Minimum numbers
As this is an online event, the session will run if there is at least one attendee.

The size, frequency and structure of these sessions will continue to evolve according to feedback and CCANZ’s strategy.

Is this you?

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