Special offers, thanks to our partners, to help you on your conscious business journey.

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Brand Discovery Workshop

for $800 +GST (RRP $3000 +GST)

from Mezzanine

The Uncover Workshop will help you understand your authentic brand and how to harness it for connection and impact.

Free for Partners (plus travel allowance if required)
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Free Trusted Negotiator Competency Review
(RRP $97 +GST)

from Trusted Negotiator

Take this quick self-test to assess your negotiation skills and your readiness for your crucial conversations.

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25% off Trusted Negotiator Masterclasses
(RRP $297 +GST)

from Trusted Negotiator

Learn to hold Conscious Negotiations and unlock untapped value in your deals.

Upcoming sessions can be found on this page.
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Free for CCANZ Partners & Volunteers.
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Conscious Business Learning Lab – Discovery Workshop

for $27 incl GST (RRP $97)

from Barasa Consulting Group

Join us for a 2-hour Discovery Workshop where you will: connect with a community of like-minded purpose-driven professionals, engage in deeper thinking about the real-life challenges you and others are experiencing, and explore potential ideas and solutions.

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Free for Partners & Volunteers (limited to 3 places)
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Spend a Better Penny

from Corporate Spend

Are you looking for ways to align your company with social good? When’s the last time you had good news to share about your impact in the world?

Corporate Spend takes the hard work out of ethical procurement. We consult with you so that you can make wise procurement decisions with brands that deliver serious value to People, Planet and the Environment.

It’s a Win Win Win. Register now and we will come in and talk to your people and make it all happen.

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10% off Trusted Negotiator Bootcamp
(RRP $2,497 +GST)

from Trusted Negotiator

Doing business consciously and honing your ability to make better decisions is the pathway to unlocking value in your business relationships. Develop the mindset and skillset that ensures you feel confident, in control and ready to consistently make outstanding deals that deliver tangible business value, enhance your stakeholder relationships and position your reputation as a Trusted Negotiator.

Upcoming sessions can be found on this page.
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50% off Purpose In Action

from Humanity In Business

Ready to Collaborate? Building great leaders continues to be a challenge for Corporate Australia.  With more than 50% of employees disengaged in most organisations, business leaders have struggled to create inspiring and engaged workplaces which helps employees navigate change. With the rate of change continuing to increase, there is a need for a more human, collaborative and customer centric leader who has a deeper understanding of their own leadership values and puts stakeholders at the heart of everything they do. Change is constant, and a more “sustainable” mindset is critical to lead it effectively.

This purposeful leadership development workshop will help employees connect to and identify with the purpose and values of the NFPs and how that relates to their own leadership  capability to lead and inspire change. It is the beginning of a series of events — outcomes from the day will set the agenda for the next event to create a sustainable program for leadership development and creating social impact.

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22.5% ($135) off Full Ethical Enterprise Conference and Awards Night Package

from Moral Fairground

Future-proofing for purpose, sustainable growth and impact. Future proofing business with purpose to ensure sustainable growth, and impact, is the theme of the 2018 Ethical Enterprise Conference, to be held at The University of Melbourne on October 25th and 26th 2018.

Continual change – as we all know – is the hallmark of life today, affecting our personal lives and impacting our industries and professions on multiple fronts. Today’s corporates and business owners and managers must be nimble to quickly adapt to and accommodate these impacts.

This conference will equip business with purpose with the tools to predict and manage future trends to ensure their businesses adapt smoothly to them and so continue on their purpose-orientated trajectory.

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