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Conscious Business

Integrate your truth

When you understand WHO you are, you can do business better.

My name is Cath Sutherland and I am the founding director and principle consultant of Conscious Business Pty Ltd (2008).  I was also the founding leader for Conscious Capitalism Australia in WA (2012 - 2015).

My Global Vision (My Higher Purpose) is to inspire businesses to stand in their truth, passionately contribute to something greater and collectively nurture our planet.

I have applied eastern energy understanding to western business principles and developed the Conscious Business Model and a unique suite of processes that I facilitate with business teams and workshop with entrepreneurs.

This involves much more than defining your Purpose and/or Values.

My process takes you on a fun and self-affirming journey to define your 2 x WHAT’s (Vision and Product – Value offering), 2 x WHYS (Global Vision and Purpose) and 2 x HOWS (Values and Brand Personality) of business. This forms an interconnecting, unique and powerful blueprint of WHO you are as a collective or entrepreneur. This is your Conscious Business Blueprint – your ultimate guide for everything you do as a business. To help you become a Conscious Leader and collaboratively build and manage a healthy Conscious Culture. It’s your compass, giving you clarity and direction, ensuring you stay aligned and true to you, with every decision, opportunity and venture.

It’s also the key, when activated, to attracting and strategically developing long-term, sustainable relationships with all of your stakeholders.  (Stakeholder Orientation).

Successful business relies on successful relationships.

For the past 19 years I have worked with entrepreneurs, business teams and organisations to collaboratively define who they are as a collective. I facilitate collective consensus.

It’s not about the leader embedding the culture. This is cultural co-creation – where the team collectively and collaboratively determines who they are, together. This results in everyone being conscious of, empowered by and responsible for operating in alignment with their businesses unique Conscious Business Blueprint. (Conscious Culture).

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Specialties: Business Development Strategist, Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, Author (Creating Brand Energy).

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