Meet Our Board

Our Board of Directors are passionate advocates and champions for conscious business, investing their time and expertise in the stewardship of Conscious Capitalism Australia & NZ. They are responsible for overall performance and compliance, providing strategic direction, effective governance and leadership. All members serve on a voluntary basis, dedicating their time and expertise to a vision close to their hearts.

Geoff Manchester, Intrepid

Geoff Manchester, Intrepid

One of CCA's founders and one of two behind the trailblazing travel company, Intrepid. Geoff’s wisdom and life at the helm of a large purposive company continues to guide CCANZ.

Victoria Plaksin, The Trusted Negotiator

Victoria Plaksin, The Trusted Negotiator

Partnerships Director

Victoria is the co-founder of The Trusted Negotiator, a business which exists to help improve collaboration skills. We’re lucky to have Victoria’s experience in creating and nurturing strategic partnerships with CCANZ.

Luke Burrell, Mezzanine

Luke Burrell, Mezzanine

Marketing Director

Luke is the founder of Mezzanine, a creative branding agency with purpose. Mezzanine has been a key supporter of CCANZ through imparting guidance in it's brand strategy and online platform.

CCANZ is reviewing applications for a new Chair of its Board. 

Meet Our Team

CCANZ’s functions are driven by a passionate team of volunteers who care deeply about supporting conscious business and elevating humanity through their contribution.


Victoria Plaksin Partnerships Director
Amy Siah Partnerships Manager
Luke Burrell Brand and Marketing Director, Regional Leader – Newcastle
Zara Choy Head of Marketing
Carolyn Butler-Madden Group Memberships Liaison
Karen Porter PR & Communications Strategy
Mezzanine Team Brand Strategy, Website & Email Marketing Platform
Tim Huggins Head of IT & Operations
Isabelle Susilowati Head of Governance, Financial Controller
Kiera Peacock Company Secretary



Isabelle Susilowati & Zara Choy Regional Leader – NSW
(Role available, please apply)
Lisa George Events Coordinator
Reid Pierce Community Engagement



Tim Huggins Regional Leader – Victoria
Sau-Yeng Dixon Events



Fiona Brooks Regional Leader – Western Australia
Architecture, Product, Leadership
Steve Samson Membership, Culture and People
Laura Grierson Stakeholders and Partnerships
Clarinda Ho Financial Security
Caroline McMahon Social Media

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