Our Board & Team

Our Board of Directors are passionate advocates and champions for conscious business, investing their time and expertise in the stewardship of Conscious Capitalism Australia & NZ. They are responsible for overall performance and compliance, providing strategic direction, effective governance and leadership. All members serve on a voluntary basis, dedicating their time and expertise to a vision close to their hearts.


Joseph is founder of Brilliant Women, a voice for Inclusion and Diversity and a channel for improving diversity on boards. He is a founding Associate of the Australian Leadership Project, author of Authentic Leadership: Australian Style, and The Relationship between Leadership and Diversity. Joseph is a Strategic Advisor to Boards and Leaders of innovative organisations.


Victoria is the co-founder of The Trusted Negotiator, a business which exists to help improve collaboration skills. We’re lucky to have Victoria’s experience in creating and nurturing strategic partnerships with CCANZ.

Governance, Finance & Capital Raising

One of CCA’s founders and one of two behind the trailblazing travel company, Intrepid. Geoff’s wisdom and life at the helm of a large purposive company continues to guide CCANZ.

Service & Offerings

Passionate about social change, Zara brings diverse skills, experience and networks across business,social enterprise and the arts to the mix. Currently part of profit-for-purpose agencies Digital Storytellers and AbilityMade, and co-founder and organiser of Carnival of the Bold, an arts for social change initiative, Zara is excited by the possibilities tomorrow holds, what we can co-create today for a brighter future, and providential intersections where great people, ideas and technologies collide.


Luke is the founder of Mezzanine, a creative branding agency with purpose. Mezzanine has been a key supporter of CCANZ through imparting guidance in it’s brand strategy and online platform.

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