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About Adapt By Design

ADAPT by Design was created for entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them build organisations that are faithful to their purpose and values. ADAPT is a leadership operating system that helps manage all strategies and connect and align with all stakeholders.

They do this using the proven ADAPT method, mentors and cloud-based technology platform.

They guide and support you to build the capability within your business to solve big challenges you may face such as engaging your people, embedding your culture and establishing effective leadership. Our method covers every aspect of your business – a total systems approach.

ADAPT Practitioners will help integrate what you are currently doing with a system thinking and succession mindset. They will support you every step of the way.

The ADAPT platform enables everyone in your organisation to come on the ADAPT journey and provides the framework and tools to implement each capability.


ADAPT was founded on the discoveries made in the building of a software technology company called acQuire. Because of this, ADAPT empathises with entrepreneurs and has vivid memories of the challenges of an early stage company.

They want to share this knowledge with others and provide them with a method, mentorship and technology that integrates every aspect of their business.

Never in our history have we lived in such a complex and ever changing environment. Products, markets, the customer wants, technology and attitudes towards work and career are all changing. Traditional approaches to organisational design and leadership simply don’t work anymore. Something needs to change.

They believe they can help embed lasting change in businesses using a data-driven and systematic approach to achieving sustainable growth and resilience. In turn, this will have a huge societal impact.

ADAPT’s first business plan was established in 2010, and then researched over the coming years until its launch in 2012. They are an employee owned company, and currently have 12 employees.

Their values handbook has more information about ADAPT, or visit their website.

Adapt By Design & CCANZ

ADAPT wants to connect with a community of like-minded, purpose and values-driven companies so that we can innovate and co-create a new way of doing business.

The ADAPT method addresses all four pillars of Conscious Capitalism. They are passionate about driving purpose-driven business, conscious leadership principles, cultural alignment and stakeholder engagement and their technology enables the embedding of these in an organisation.

Adapt By Design supports CCANZ offering their ADAPT platform for free to the national board and any state groups. They also provide us complimentary guidance of an ADAPT Practitioner for up to 2 hours per month to assist with the use of the ADAPT platform.

Adapt by Design also offers CCANZ Members offers and dedicated services, such as ‘how to’ catalyst workshops per year presented by an ADAPT Practitioner, with any revenue made from the sale of tickets after expenses going to CCANZ.
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