Why The Time Is Now For Leaders To Move From A ‘Me’ To A ‘We’ Mindset

Article by Ashish Kaushal at Forbes.

Image by Michael Scherback on Unsplash


Covid-19 has slowly pushed us to move away from a society of “me” to a society of “we,” showing us indisputably that we are all part of an ecosystem and dependent on one another. We don’t live in guarded communities, and if we want to be safe and thrive in a world of globalization, we will have to make sure we think of others. We’re seeing that mindset being adopted by more business leaders as the next level of allyship.

For example, more and more big companies, such as Target, Walmart and Facebook, have stepped up to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Other businesses are amplifying the need for gender equality and environmental sustainability. While the notion of conscious capitalism, or the idea that doing good and making profits doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive, has been around for a while, the pandemic has amplified how people, businesses and the greater social good are all interconnected. For businesses to thrive, people and society also need to thrive.

If you’re a leader looking to have a business impact as well as a positive social impact, here are a few ideas for getting started.