5 Ways To Lead With Emotional Intelligence

Article by Caroline Castrillon at Forbes

Image by Silas Baisch on Unsplash


With workers still dealing with the stress and social isolation associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, companies worldwide are prioritizing employee mental health and well-being. But businesses will need to implement more than just expanded employee assistance programs to support workers during this challenging time. The focus on well-being must be accompanied by empathetic leadership.

While traditional management skills are essential, a greater degree of emotional intelligence is necessary to nurture and motivate teams. And the good news is you can improve your emotional intelligence—if you’re willing to work at it.

Emotional intelligence means being vulnerable.

Leaders are responsible for creating an authentic company culture. Be real. That means being candid about how difficult things are—especially given the current environment. Share your own personal concerns and thoughts. In times like these, your team needs to hear how you are on the same journey with them. Also, consider setting new expectations. Communicate to your team that it’s okay to see children on a video call from time to time or go off-screen during a Zoom meeting if needed. Employees need to understand that we’re all human and going through the same experience together.