CCANZ Members Town Hall 2 (Recording): “2020: A Turning Point for Capitalism?”

How 2020 might be a Turning Point for Capitalism?

How can we play a part in accelerating the shift to a more Conscious Capitalism here in Australia & NZ?

And what next?

At our last Members Town Hall, we began a conversation about how 2020 might be a turning point for capitalism, sharing reflections on the opportunities and responsibility at hand to accelerate the shift to a more Conscious Capitalism.

We continued that rich and hope-filled conversation in a follow-up dialogue on Wed, 2nd Sep. Members were invited to share how they were building back better, ideas and projects they were seeking collaboration or support on, and any developments since our last session.

Our heartfelt thanks to Lina Mbirkou for beautifully facilitating the dialogue.



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