Video by Conscious Capitalism ROC

Image by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Conscious Capitalism ROC Virtual Summit 2020

Throughout our Virtual Conference, we hope you’ve been inspired about the potential for “The Healing Force of Business” … Now it’s time for action!

Hear case studies from local companies with healing corporate cultures that lead to engaged employees, improved stakeholder relationships and healthy communities with inclusive prosperity for ALL.

Our panelists discuss how they’ve created “Healing Organizations” and how to get started at your own organization!
-Tom Bachmann – Paychex Culture Shaping Manager
-Mubarak Bashir – Greyston Open Hiring Regional Director
-James Norma – Rochester Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative Employment Working Group Co-Chair
-Tina Paradiso – Imprintable Solutions Owner and Imprinting Lives Founder
-Kim Townsend – Loretto President & CEO

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