After the crisis, will we build economies that don’t cost the planet?

Article by Martin Wright, Positive.News

Image by Jenni Eramida, Unsplash

In the next in our series of positive predictions for life after the pandemic, we explore the places that are ‘building back better’ and ask how we can create economies that work for the planet – not against it

“We have to make sure that we take decisions that will take us to the future and not into the past.” Frans Timmermans, the European Commission vice president, was clear as he unveiled the EU’s recovery package in late May.

“For many regions and companies, including those relying on coal production and carbon intensive industrial processes, this economic crisis has raised an existential question. ‘Do we rebuild what we had before? Or do we seize the opportunity to restructure and create different and new jobs that can serve us for decades to come?’ We rebuild but in a different direction.”