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Conscious Capitalism ROC Virtual Summit 2020

On May 19th, 2020, the Rochester Black Agenda Group released a declaration that “Racism is a Public Health Crisis” in our region. Less than a week later, George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis and the ensuing protests led many other cities across America to make similar declarations.

The declaration notes that racism is the primary cause of the gross disparities in mental, physical and financial health among African Americans. These disparities are especially stark in our region, where concentrations of poverty are among the highest in the country and where zip code and skin color can predict life expectancies that vary by as much as a decade.

While individuals and organizations can sign the declaration…
…that is only the first step of a long journey ahead, one that Conscious Businesses must help to lead. Racism is not only a public health crisis, but must also be seen as a business imperative for the health and vitality of our region.

How can businesses commit to tackling racism both inside their organizations and in the broader community?

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