Article by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, Contributor at

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There is nothing more revelatory than a crisis. Turn the world upside down, shake, and see how countries, companies and couples react. It’s like an extended master class in leadership. You watch the great, the good and the terrifyingly ugly play out across the globe. After looking at countries and couples, I take a look here at how companies are coping. Some are showing the way and strengthening their brands – while others are killing them, or simply being swept away by the tides of history or a lack of cash.

Here are a few inspirational examples that nourish a new hash tag that’s trending, #GoodAfterCovid19. Some may dismiss these corporate responses as ‘just PR’ but if you lean glass-half-fullwards, you may glimpse a window slowly opening to a better future. Radical ideas take decades to move from margin to mainstream. Crises can accelerate shifts. This time, the idea going viral is that ‘conscious capitalism’ might just be the model to move the world forward.

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