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The Conscious Capitalism movement and the B Corp movement are complementary and supportive of each other. Every B Corp is essentially a conscious company, and every conscious company should seriously consider becoming a B Corp.

Many C-suite leaders in the B Corp movement have spoken at the Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit, led practicums at Conscious Capitalism conferences, or co-founded Conscious Capitalism chapters. The companies they lead include Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever, Singularity University,, Plum Organics, Campbell Soup, Method, REBBL, Dansko, Cascade Engineering, Ogden Publications, Mightybytes, New Resource Bank, Big Path Capital, and Hanson Bridgett.

Conscious Capitalism seeks to unleash the heroic spirit of business leaders, and the B Corp movement offers concrete tools and a robust community of practice to do so. Whether your company aspires to become a B Corp or simply wants to take the next step in manifesting your conscious leadership, engaging with the B Corp movement offers three things to help you translate your stakeholder orientation into meaningful action: a stakeholder governance structure, a stakeholder management system, and a community of practice consisting of like-minded, high-performing peers.

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