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The Global Foresight Summit is an open initiative to raise awareness on futures literacy and strategic foresight across government policy-makers, business leaders, strategists, innovators, scientists, and researchers will help to prepare for decision-making under uncertainty and unpredictability.

The past narratives about the future did not help to manage the present crisis appropriately. Millions of people rushed to supermarkets fearing scarcity of food; media streamed death tolls as points in a football match; politicians were caught improvising and underestimating the reality; scientists were not listened anywhere around the world; countries do not share all their data about the pandemic; and, above all, sci-fi movies, books and shows in our collective imaginary helped to accelerate the fear of a dystopian world.

During the course of the summit you will explore some of the most relevant topics in the field of futures thinking, strategic foresight and decision-making.

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