Webinars series by Carolyn Butler-Madden, Founder of The Cause Effect, a social purpose consultancy that enables businesses to drive profit through purpose.

“Purpose” is getting a lot of airtime these days. Commentators – supporters and critics alike – are weighing in with their opinions on the merits or the puffery of Purpose.

But what is Purpose? What does being a Purpose-led business or brand actually mean? Is it just a feel-good veneer or is there a commercial imperative attached to it? Does it genuinely improve people’s lives or create a better society? Should this be on the business agenda for your company? If so, why? How does it fit with the business outcomes you need to deliver?

These webinars will answer these questions.

You’ll come away with clarity on the differences between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Purpose, Social Purpose and Cause Marketing. And you’ll understand why Purpose has become so topical; what are the forces that are driving it and what this means for your business today and in the future.

Learn about:

  • The 5 forces driving Social Purpose onto the business agenda
  • The evolution of Purpose
  • Inspiration – who’s doing it well
  • The business opportunity
  • How this applies to your business and brand
  • How to start
  • How to avoid the mistakes
  • What commercial outcomes you can expect to achieve when you unlock the full value of a purpose-led approach 

Webinar 1 – Why Purpose?


Webinar 2 – The Pitfalls of Purpose


Webinar 3 – Path To Purpose Foundations




Carolyn Butler-MaddenCarolyn Butler-Madden is founder of The Cause Effect, a social purpose consultancy that enables businesses to drive profit through purpose.

She believes in the power of business to shape a better world and the role of brands to drive this. She is committed to helping business leaders navigate their path to purpose so they can unlock the full value of a social purpose strategy.

By embedding social impact into their business authentically, Carolyn helps her clients differentiate their brand, energise their people, build trust and ultimately drive business success. Her Amazon best-selling book, Path To Purpose is Australia’s first book on cause marketing and social purpose. She has been a guest on several podcasts, talking about the powerful value of social purpose and cause marketing in businesses today.

Carolyn brings 30 years’ international agency experience creating successful and globally awarded marketing campaigns for some of the world’s best brands. For 18 years she owned and ran two agencies in Sydney, until moving out of the agency world and into consulting to pursue her passion for social purpose.

Today, she uses her experience to realise her vision; a future where business is a force for good and brands drive profit through purpose. It’s a vision she believes in passionately and it drives the mission of her business – to make social purpose a vital part of doing business here in Australia and beyond.

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