A selection of resources from leading thinkers and organisations to help you navigate COVID19.

Immediate Response

  • Inc. covers using the Conscious Capitalism principles as a game plan to expand your company’s resilience zone during the Coronavirus Crisis. Read here.

  • Four ways a business can respond now; leverage core assets, continuing generosity, compassion vs costs and utilising systems. Read here.

  • EY discusses in detail ‘five ways to maintain continuity and reshape for resilience.’ Read here.
  • If you’re on a board, The Australia Institute of Company Directors offers advice on how to respond to the crisis. Read here.

Why It’s Important to Act Now  

  • An incredible set of graphic visualisations featured in the Washington Post on the effect that social distancing can have on mitigating the spread of the virus. Read here.

  • The article by Thomas Pueyo that went viral, very clearly illustrating the importance of early preventative action for COVID-19. Read here.

Communicating with your Stakeholders

  • The Harvard Business Review reminds us of the importance of communication between leaders, employees, shareholders, stakeholders, and the larger external community. Read more here.

There is good news

  • While Covid-19 has spread to 115 countries and territories around the world, not everything is bleak. Read more here

  • There are a number of major victories from the Pandemic line. Peter Diamandis, founder of Singularity University, presents a list of fact-checked wins with links you can follow up on. Read here.

A Broader Perspective

Crisis as a Source of Innovation

Navigating in Uncertain Times

What are other business doing?

Woolworths have provided opportunities for some Qantas employees to work in their stores as the airline company stands down 20,000 employees until the end of May. 

Small businesses such as 
this dance studio in Melbourne moved physical classes online, with the support of another small business’s help with online streaming.
Chinese companies have also adapted to the virus in a range of creative ways. Mater Kong, a food and beverage company “reprioritised efforts tilting its focus away from offline, large retails channels to online-to-offline, e-commerce, and smaller stores.”
Many companies, like Gap Inc., are using its factories to make masks, gowns, and scrubs for healthcare work.
JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores will donate 100% of the materials and provide the sewing machines and guidance to help customers safely make face masks and covers, gowns and other items to donate to America’s hospitals.
More on how businesses worldwide are adapting and responding creativity in “Creativity will save your business during a crisis” and note how important it is to fully consider the full and unintended effects of quick, knee-jerk responses to respond. We are in a complex, inter-dependent system, so think through what this means, and first, second and third order effects, for all your various stakeholders before making huge decisions.

From our conscious business community

B Corp shares examples of how B Corporations are helping to support their employees in creative ways in 
B The Change Weekly. Take a look at how B Corporations are dealing with Covid-19 in this LinkedIn post.

Mezzanine.co looks at what conscious leadership means in these uncertain times — leading with values, being agile, and maintaining a long term mindset. 

Engaging our leadership, our humanity and our values will help shape what happens next.Professor Kristy Muir, Center for Social Impact CEO and Professor of Social Policy at UNSW Sydney, reflects on before, during and after COVID-19.

Nathan Harvey, CEO, Thrive Consulting, Co-Founder & Co-Facilitator of the Conscious Capitalism Consultant Certification Program talks about the three lessons on leading through crisis from Barry Wehmiller and how this taught him a lesson he now considers critical: “Who you are is shown in tough times, not good times.”

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