Spare Harvest Business Partnerships helps businesses meet CSR, ESG and SDG initiatives. Bring your employees together with meaning and purpose while making an environmental impact.

Spare Harvest customises its platform for workplaces to use so they can engage their employees to connect and exchange what they have spare in their homes with each other in the workplace. Through the platform employers engage their employees in a meaningful and purposeful way to strengthen internal connections and create new connections that not only enhance employee wellbeing but reduce individual consumption and waste.

Harnessesing the power of the circular and sharing economies to reduce consumption, reduce waste and build social capital through an online community that is connecting and exchanging what they have spare in their kitchens and gardens, Spare Harvest provides a simple and easy tool that anyone anywhere can use to connect with their community and live a more socially and environmental sustainable life.

The Workplace Partnership Program invites businesses to bring the Spare Harvest community into their workplace so their employees can come together and advance the SDG’s.

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