A FREE Online Event Bringing Business Together to Build a More Equitable Economy and a Better Future. 

How do we build an economy that works for everyone?

It’s simple: Put people first.

Purpose-driven, diverse, and inclusive workplaces achieve higher levels of creativity, innovation, employee satisfaction, and yes, profit. Progressive organizations that are investing in healthy people and the planet hold the greatest potential to shape the 21st century economy, where everybody matters and everybody wins.

Still, we all struggle with making the change we hope to see in our organizations and the world. That’s why we’ve gathered 30+ of the world’s leading experts, along with organizations like B Lab (the nonprofit behind the B Corp Movement), Conscious Capitalism, and the Social Venture Circle for this incredible 10 day online event.

Learn people-first business practices to

  • Drive greater purpose, innovation, and profit—and have a positive impact on the world
  • Build stronger, more authentic relationships with employeescustomers, partners, and community
  • Create an atmosphere of inclusivity and belonging in your organization
  • Discover real-world solutions for driving equitable, sustainable, and profitable organizations
  • Transform your organization for the better using strategies that you can put into practice today
  • Lead change and maximize your impact, even when you aren’t in charge

Join Conscious Capitalism, B Lab, Social Venture Circle, and more in building an economy that works for everyone.

Gain practical exercises, strategies, and tools you can use immediately to grow your business and shape the future of the economy.

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