Australian National Outlook 2019: Securing our nation’s future prosperity


What will Australia be like…

…economically, socially and environmentally in 2060?

This is exactly the question the 2019 Australian National Outlook has investigated.

The project was built on the 2015 Australian National Outlook, which was CSIRO’s first attempt to understand and analyse the connections in Australia’s physical economy many decades into the future.

For the 2019 National Outlook, people from more than 20 non-government organisations met every three months to study and discuss new scientific data provided by CSIRO that models the future of Australia’s natural resources and energy, productivity and services, and cities and infrastructure.

CSIRO and NAB partnered to lead the project, combining their scientific and business expertise. The project was jointly chaired by CSIRO Chair David Thodey AO and Australian Economist Ken Henry AC. Together with the project participants, CSIRO have published a report outlining future scenarios facing Australia’s economy, environment and society and the levers we can pull to ensure Australia has a great future.


Australia’s roadmap to 2060

The new Australia National Outlook 2019 report looks out to 2060. It signals Australia faces a Slow Decline if it takes no action on the most significant economic, social and environmental challenges. But, if these challenges are tackled head on, Australia can look forward to a positive Outlook Vision. This could mean higher GDP per capita, ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, strong economic growth and energy affordability, and more liveable major cities.