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PwC’s 22nd CEO Survey: Widening Gaps and a Positivity Lapse

The year 2019 looks set to be a turning point for business. Rising pessimism around growth prospects, and populist and protectionist sentiment are cause for both local and global CEO concern. ‘Widening Gaps and a Positivity Lapse’ explores what’s required in Australia to lean into these concerns including growth outlooks and gaps in response to trade pressures; decision gaps around data adequacy and analysis; talent, workforce and skill gaps, value gaps of artificial intelligence and a transparency and trust gap.

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Transparency key to building trust in business

‘Trust’ has been a key topic for Australian CEOs over the past several years. Many have been identifying their own trust drivers and balancing the competing forces of delivering to shareholder expectations, as well as those of customers, employees and the general community.

After six consecutive years of rising CEO concern about a lack of trust in business, the concern falls from a high of 65% last year to 56% in 2019 as leaders understand and act on new expectations from their stakeholders.

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