Author: Michelle Gibbings
Image: The CEO Magazine

Just as organisations need to change, leaders need to disrupt their behaviour and leadership styles to be fit for the future.

There’s a long list of case studies of organisations that failed because they didn’t appropriately respond to changing market forces, disruptive technologies and new entrants.

It’s easy for leaders to get stuck in their ways and to see the traits that secured their leadership role as the competencies and capability that will carry them forward.

However, in a constantly changing world, success requires leaders to embrace the notion that successful organisational growth and transformation requires not just change for those around them, but also personal change for themselves.

Harvard academics Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, who have studied why many crucial change efforts fail, found one of the core problems is the gap between what is required and a leader’s own level of development. They state: “It may be nearly impossible for us to bring about any important change in a system or organisation without changing ourselves (at least somewhat).”

The hardest perspectives to change are the ones you hold about yourself, which is why seeking to understand yourself and build self-awareness is crucial.

This article offers tips to get you started.

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