Top 5 Conscious Ideas & Inspiration | October 2018

This month we bring you the latest round up of our top picks of businesses leading by example. These businesses are living examples of the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism. We hope to inspire you to find innovative ways to make your own impact to humanity through business.


Volvo has created a family-centric project to redefine the parking bays in shopping centres in the UK to better reflect the true modern family. No longer are we a society with 2.4 children to two heterosexual parents. With UK’s family makeup at 65% non-traditional structure, it is time that someone lead the way to better replicate the authentic family model and Volvo has taken charge.

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This Adidas campaign demonstrates the gender bias in sport and does something to lead the way with awareness and celebration of women in sport. This campaign highlights the fact that of all athletes shown in media only 4% are women. Time for change and it starts with leaders like Adidas.

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Passengers at the Vystavochnaya station west of Moscow can do 30 physical squats in order to earn free travel. Under the guise of a Winter Olympic build up, the program is an unorthodox cultural program to deliver a happier community, and to get people moving. The foundation belief behind this is that our physiology creates our psychology. This is a fun way to please all stakeholders.

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Fungi breaks down plastic to create a more sustainable future.

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Fungi is being grown to decompose landfill waste plastic and to create a composite product. At a certain point the fungus is cooked in order to stop the growth and to harden in a desired shape. This technology may be a replacement for other materials such as leather in the future too. This is ground breaking technology that began with the design of an organic 3D printed chair.

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With research indicating that workers are only productive for under 3 hours a day, Perpetual Guardian in New Zealand trialed a 5 day week achieved in 4 working days. The day off was offered as staggered days throughout the month across the business. Results indicate reduced stress levels, improved work/life balance, and approximately 20% increase in engagement in each of multiple factors including leadership, commitment, stimulation, and empowerment. Most importantly the job performance was maintained. The intention of this change is to keep workers for longer, improve culture,  and to have happy, healthy and engaged employees.

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The 4 day work week may be more productive and produce happier workers

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