September 2018 Newsletter

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September 2018

This month we bring you the latest round up of our top picks of businesses leading by example. These businesses are living examples of the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism. We hope to inspire you to find innovative ways to make your own impact to humanity through business.


An edible water bubble gets set to replace plastic bottles. This innovative technology is a purpose driven innovation. Americans alone are throwing out around 35 billion plastic bottles per year. Skipping rocks lab, the masterminds behind the ooho! water bubble has created an edible membrane made from a natural seaweed extract. For those that choose not to eat it, the flexible, bubble-like packaging biodegrades in just 4-6 weeks, the same time as a piece of fruit. The membrane can be flavoured and coloured, and it seems like there is no limit to the types of fluid this can carry.

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Ooho! Edible Water Bubble to reduce plastic waste.

Estonia leads the way in digital technology to create a secure and customer lead culture.


Former Prime Minister of Estonia lead the way with new digital technology in order to provide safer customer experiences for the citizens through the use of BlockChain technology. Estonia is the first country to use this at a national level providing new levels of cyber security for individuals and the country overall, sparked from a severe national security attack. At the same time, the new digital environment created a paperless and more convenient culture with flexibility for users to control who gets what data and built back trust with the nation’s leadership.

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#3 – ADIDAS 

Sporting goods manufacturer Adidas is leading the way with new technologies to produce running shoes from waste ocean plastic. With 8 million tons of waste heading into the ocean each year businesses like Adidas can make a substantial impact and set a wonderful example of what is possible. No doubt the millennial employees of Adidas who are particularly loyal to businesses driving with social cause will be a more engaged culture.

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Adidas’ shoe range made from waste plastic leading the way in purpose driven technology.

#Purpose #Leadership #StakeholderOrientation #Culture

Berlei sports bra campaign drives authentic diversity.

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We’re a capitalist community, without doubt, and love to see thriving businesses who have a purpose-driven culture.  This fun commercial for Berlei’s latest TV campaign ends with a tasteful depiction of natural beauty from diverse ages and cultures. Berlei is a leading example of brands who are genuine in their purpose, and not just for the attention this topic can attract.

#Purpose #Leadership #StakeholderOrientation


An Israeli start up has developed a protein meal using fruit fly lava in order to feed the world more sustainably. This product reduces greenhouse gases while providing very high nutritional value. Fruit fly lava can be turned into powder and offers a long shelf life. This video shows a rather appetising looking meal of meatballs (providing you can forget the fact this starts from a crawling white grub).

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Fruit fly lava replaces meat as a potential new, and sustainable, meal.

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