Top 5 Conscious Ideas & Inspiration | August 2018

This month we bring you a round up of our top picks of businesses leading by example. These businesses are living examples of the four tenants of Conscious Capitalism. We hope to inspire you to find innovative ways to make your own impact to humanity through business.

#1 – DOVE

With a focus on a strategy of ‘Diversity of Thinking’ to overcome bias in their workforce and in the public facing campaign activity, Dove is achieving above average growth with high single and double digit sales over the past six years. As one of Unilever’s Sustainable Living brands purpose is at their core. Paul Polman, Unilever CEO, said: “We have made great progress. Our results show that sustainability is good for business, with increasing evidence that our ‘sustainable living brands’ do better.

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Ben & Jerry’s Icecream sets the example on fair trade products and working with stakeholders for a sustainable future.


Values driven icecream manufacturer Ben & Jerry’s is living many aspects of the four tenants of Conscious Capitalism but their fair trade policies and stakeholder orientation is really driving business success. This video shows the work they are doing to support their dairy farmers for a sustainable future together.

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Online game Minecraft is using technology to bring the popular game into the real world with purpose to repair damaged coral reefs. The game developers and gamers created unique structures with Minecraft in a hackathon style challenge. The winning design was built in real life in partnership with BioRock, a new technology to help regrow damaged coral at a faster rate than naturally possible. Living their purpose of building a better world one block at a time this project is a leading example of purpose coming alive.

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Minecraft hackathon style design competition engages their community and partners with leading edge technology to regrow damaged coral reefs.


As a collaboration between the mining industry, Australian Government, researchers, education sector and passionate individuals to improve conservation in mining areas in outback South Australia. This example is brilliant because it shows how any business (no matter how far along the Conscious pathway) can have a meaningful impact and do more for our world. It is also an example of individual people having a voice and being heard by big business to do better and having an impact as a result. This is just a small project and plenty of opportunity to do more through example.

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Beverage company Sparkke is offering an alternative to challenge the patriarchies in the industry. With a range of products not only designed to reach a new audience but also to have some really important conversations about diversity and social cause. A year into the businesses evolution they’ve survived in a highly competitive space. This is testament to how our consumer experience can have meaning and purpose and target forgotten customers to break down unhealthy conventions.

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Beverage company Sparkke celebrates 12 months breaking social norms and having a social conscience.