Member Session Video: Positive Impact – Creating Conditions for your Teams and Organisation to Thrive

By July 1, 2018 June 25th, 2020 Events, Learning Library, Member Sessions, Videos

by Gauri Maini

This session covers a framework that provides leaders with a lens to reflect on their thinking styles and how they can intentionally use the insights from this to create the conditions for their teams to thrive and do their best work. The framework is based on the Life Styles Inventory (LSI) which is a diagnostic based on research by Clay Lafferty on what makes leaders effective. It is based on the premise that individuals can intentionally choose to respond to what is presenting in a way that creates well being and fosters creative thinking anchored in unconditional positive regard for self and others. This way of responding can be learnt. Participants will be taken through the framework, drawing from their stories to tease out various thinking styles and the impact of these on self and others.

Related Tenets:
Conscious Leadership, Conscious Culture

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