Just released is ‘the Australian cut’ the Deloitte Millennial Survey 2018. This survey includes the insights of 10,455 millennials across 36 countries, including 337 in Australia, about their attitudes to work.

Interestingly, the results of this survey are aligned with those of the Edelman Trust Barometer reviewed in last months newsletter. This verifies the results suggesting that the feeling is pretty universal across the board, and that there has never been a better time to act in creating business to benefit people.

The results of the Deloitte Millennial survey revealed three key themes:

1. Perceptions of business are declining
Millennials’ opinion of business’ motivation and ethics is at its lowest level in four years. As well, only 45% of millennials believe business has a positive impact on society, down from 72% in 2017.

2. Flexibility and positive work culture are key to millennial loyalty
Australian millennials believe culture is more important than money with 67% rating a positive work environment as the most important consideration when choosing a new employer, compared to 52% globally.

3. Young workers feel unprepared for the changing nature of work
The last key theme identified from this survey was in relation to the growth of 4.0 technologies. Robotics, the internet and artificial intelligence have altered the nature of work, and millennials have mixed feelings about this. In Australia, 45% of millennials believed that Industry 4.0 would augment their job, allowing them to focus on more creative, human and value-adding work.

What does this mean for us?
The results of the Deloitte Millennial Survey and the Edelman Trust Barometer are proof that people are becoming increasingly interested in sustainable business for good. It’s time to continue the movement towards a brighter future of business.