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PwC’s 21st CEO Survey: Optimistic outlooks and courageous decisions

Australian CEOs and their global counterparts are showing record levels of optimism about the year to come. But to ride that buoyant wave organisations have some courageous decisions to make; how to align purpose and values to restore trust, how to embrace the intelligence revolution to drive enhanced customer experience and how to reduce the gap between their current and future fit workforce. 2018 is the year of visionary decision making to set up future success. Explore the findings and the actions needed in the insights series.

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Aligning Purpose to Restore Trust

Today, we are facing a misalignment between business outcomes, economic outcomes, and social outcomes.

This may explain in part why the number of CEOs concerned about a lack of trust in business has been rising for six consecutive years.

In the past decade technology has increased transparency in companies and institutions, providing instant access to unprecedented levels of information. Armed with more knowledge the ‘haves’ are feeling like ‘have nots’ and too many people feel they are being left behind by a system that no longer promises a better life.

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