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Authors: Joost Minnaar and Pim de Moree


Corporate Rebels have now traveled the globe for 2 years. They’ve learned from the most progressive organizations we could find. The results? They have ticked off 65+ ‘items’ on the ‘Bucket List’ they built. It now includes over 100+ workplace pioneers, entrepreneurs, academics, organizations and leaders—each of whom has succeeded by working in radically different ways.

Perhaps you are now thinking of names like Patagonia, Semco, Spotify and Haier. And yes, theye’ve visited many of these. But they are also intrigued by the unknown stories. They discovered they can be even more inspiring.

But what makes those utopian-sounding workplaces really different to my own?” you might ask. This is not an easy question to answer. But they now think they have identified 8 habits which clearly distinguish the truly progressive organizations from the others.

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