Announcing a Conscious Partnership For Ethical Procurement

By May 3, 2017 June 13th, 2019 News

Conscious Capitalism Australia & New Zealand (CCANZ) and Corporate Spend (CS) are delighted to announce a partnership for ethical procurement. Corporate Spend is a social enterprise connecting businesses with Australia’s foremost vetted ethical suppliers across ten categories. In turn, these suppliers agree to direct a percentage of revenue from your company’s purchases to the Corporate Spend fund.

Corporate Spend will distribute 51% of the REVENUE generated from CCA Members ethical procurement to Conscious Capitalism Australia. This empowers Conscious Capitalism Australia to carry out core operational activities, service members and grow public awareness.

As a social enterprise, the Corporate Spend fund distributes a minimum of 80% of its profits to charities with Deductible Gift Recipients (DGR) status. When you buy from Corporate Spend ethical suppliers, you change the world for good.

Workplace spend can be a dynamic force for positive social change and environmental impact. We invite corporates, SME’s and education institutions to harness your workplace spend for social good.

Three Easy Steps

1. Complete a 15 Minute Ethical Spending Review and receive a FREE ethical hamper pack including Yoobi Stationery and Who Gives A Crap toilet paper.
2. Select which spending categories you would like to focus on.
3. Switch to Corporate Spend Accredited Ethical Suppliers.

The Impact

Corporate Spend connects the regular expenditure of businesses and schools like yours –– with high quality vetted ethical suppliers of goods and services.  In turn, these suppliers –agree to direct a percentage of revenue from your company’s purchases to the Corporate Spend fund. 99% of GDP is made up of everyday spending goods and services by business and consumers. If businesses could support charity through its daily expenditure, their ability to create positive outcomes would be amplified.

Contact Details
Corporate Spend: Justin Pagotto, Chief Ethical Officer | 02 9344 7257 / 0428 389 392 | [email protected]
Conscious Capitalism Australia & New Zealand: Victoria Plaksin, Partnerships Director | 0416 877 994 | [email protected]

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