New dynamics are making “Business as Usual” increasingly untenable. The world has changed dramatically around us — without our full realisation.  After 75 years of running business on industrial principles, changing incrementally is not an option.

The language of business is not the language of human beings. Gary Hamel said, “How can we make organisations as human as the people who work for them? When we still think of companies as machines, and people as inputs, we don’t really use their full potential and we don’t really earn their trust. So we don’t really get their enthusiasm and creativity and passion; because we haven’t earned it. These are gifts that people give to us. You can buy their time and their hard work, but not those things.”

Looking at a group of companies, collectively over a 1-year period ending June 30 2006, they returned 1100% plus to investors at a time when the SNP was 122% in those ten years. That’s a 9-to-1 out performance over the market.

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