Co-creating conscious businesses.

Creating an open-source framework that colours in the ‘how’ – sourced by members, for members.

Conscious Capitalism Australia (CCA) is redefining its purpose and business model to focus on the membership offering at its heart.

Our purpose is now: ‘Co–creating conscious businesses’. Without member engagement as our defining metric, there is no future.

With 35 active volunteers across Australia, CCA can’t do this alone. Yet CCA’s 2000+ community members can co–create conscious businesses together, in a way that works for them.

Adding to this, Conscious Capitalism New Zealand is set to merge with Conscious Capitalism Australia, subject to a member vote in both countries. You can learn more and vote here

If the merger is approved, this draft strategy will be updated and finalised to reflect Conscious Capitalism Australia & New Zealand as a single entity (CCANZ), multiplying the opportunities for our members and their businesses. This is equally dependent on CCANZ’s members driving these outcomes.

Back to where we are at today, pre–merger.

This is how the new model will work on a practical level – CCA intends to provide the online platforms, event venues, editorial framework, governance and marketing opportunities for its members; to enable members to directly connect, share their knowledge and build their own communities under the CCA banner.

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Let’s join together.

Together, with CCA as the catalyst but not the creator, members can unlock their own ‘how’ behind conscious business practices; driven by members, for members.

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