We believe in the power of business to do good for the world.

Let’s harness the power of business for a more inclusive, just and sustainable world.

Join a growing movement of conscious businesses dedicated to co-creating a better future.

The world is changing rapidly.
‘Business as usual’ must change too.

Business has the power to lead humanity. 

People are at the center of the world’s most innovative, game changing and dynamic companies. But how do we serve people better? 

The world expects business to think beyond profit and make an impact with a higher purpose. But how do we make that work in practice?

Enter Conscious Capitalism.

Conscious Capitalism is a global movement, originating in USA, that now has spread throughout many countries around the world. Learn more about the four pillars of Conscious Capitalism.

We are the Australia & New Zealand Chapter

Australia was the first chapter to launch globally, merging with New Zealand in 2016. Conscious Capitalism Australia & New Zealand brings together a community of business and thought leaders who all share this belief: that business has the power to elevate humanity.


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Growing a movement of conscious business for the greater good.

Together, as a community of practice, we are building a thriving ecosystem of conscious businesses and practitioners who benefit from powerful peer-to-peer learning, business opportunities with values-aligned people, and who will inspire and lead other businesses to see the tangible and measurable benefits of conscious business practices.

Radical ideas take decades to move from margin to mainstream. Crises can accelerate shifts. This time, the idea going viral is that Conscious Capitalism might just be the model to move the world forward. Imagine a future where companies, governments and civil society come together to cool us collectively down from the fires of inequality, populism and a warming climate. That future’s here, and it’s now. Or we’re history.

– Forbes: Capitalism Post-Covid: Companies Doing Good To Become Great


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